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Airbus Orders Hit 1,001 This Year

Airbus said that new orders topped 1,000 aircraft in the first eight months of the year as airlines ordered fuel-saving models.

Airbus took orders for 21 aircraft in August, a traditionally quiet month following the busy Farnborough Airshow in July, bringing its total gross orders for the year to 1,001 aircraft.

Adjusting for cancellations, it reported 722 net orders between January and August.

Airbus says the total of 279 cancellations it has announced this year are boosted by conversions from one product to another, as airlines convert from the current-generation A320 to the newer and more efficient A320neo.

The A320neo is being readied for its first test flight with engines from Pratt & Whitney expected in the second half of the month.

August's order figures included four more upgrades from the A320 to the A320neo from AirAsia, bringing the total number of A320 order conversions this year to 73.

Cancellations also reflect the loss of an order for 70 A350s from Emirates in June, though Airbus is ahead of its net order guidance for the year.

Airbus has now reached 750 orders for the A350, its next generation of long-distance aircraft, with IAG ordering eight A350-900s for its Spanish subsidiary Iberia in August.

Airbus delivered 389 aircraft between January and August, and is targeting around the same number of deliveries in 2014 as last year, when it delivered 626 passenger jets.