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Boeing Beating Airbus On 2014 Orders

Airbus and Boeing both topped 1,000 new jet orders in the first eight months of the year, with Boeing leading the race after adjusting for cancellations.

Airbus sold 21 aircraft in August, a traditionally quiet month following the Farnborough Airshow in July, bringing its total gross orders for the year to 1,001 aircraft.

In contrast, Boeing booked 107 orders in the same month, bringing total gross orders for the year to 1,004.

Adjusting for cancellations, Airbus reported 722 net orders between January and August. That compares with 941 net orders for Boeing from January 1 to September 2, after accounting for 63 cancellations.

Airbus says the total of 279 cancellations it has announced this year are boosted by conversions from one product to another, as airlines convert from the current-generation A320 to the newer and more efficient A320neo.

It has argued Boeing will face similar pressure to convert orders when its own revamped 737 MAX approaches delivery, but some analysts have expressed concerns about the underlying level of cancellations as investors remain sensitive to any signs of weakness in recently strong demand for passenger jets.

In its latest update, Airbus said it had delivered 389 aircraft between January and August. Boeing delivered 461 between January and August, including 13 787 Dreamliners, above its target of 10 deliveries a month of the high-tech jet.

For the full year, Airbus is targeting around the same number of deliveries as last year, when it delivered 626 passenger jets. It says net orders should exceed this.

Boeing is targeting 715-725 deliveries in 2014.