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  • City :
  • Location : Pakistan
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  • Mobility : Central America and the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Europe, Europe (outside EU), Middle-East, Oceania,

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Synthesis of CV

  • Education : Bachelor
  • Experience : 1-2 Years
  • Sectors : Cabin Crew, Flight Crew, Flight Engineering, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul,
  • Availability : Immediate
  • Type(s) of contract(s) sought (s) : Temporary Permanent Part Time
  • Desired salary : Up to $10,000 / €10,000
  • International Experience :
  • Experience in the public service : No
  • handicapped worker recognized or affiliated : No
  • Language(s) : English (Read, written, spoken) /




Professional experience

• Currently working as Assistant Manager QHSE at Crescent Syndicate. Keeping records of all QHSE data, certifications and authorized documents of all the employees and machinery are routine regularity., along with the monitoring of all operations as per the ISO 9001:2000 QHSE standards

• 8 months experience as QA/QC Engineer in Quality Assurance Department of AuVitronics Ltd. Learnt to maintain quality of automotive and pharmaceutical products and studying processes of quality assurance by implementing Total Quality Expert System

• Designed CFCs (Checking Fixture Concept) and PIS (Parts Inspection Standards) for automotive parts of PAK-SUZUKI, HONDA-ATLAS & TOYOTAINDUS MOTORS COMPANY

• Performing quality assurance laboratory tests for pharmaceutical products of ABBOTT and GSK Pakistan were an integral part of the routine job

• Internship at Pakistan Steel Mills. Presented a report on various manufacturing, production, maintenance, repair and installment processes learnt at site

• DIY projects on Solar Heater, Plasma Gasification and Bio Gas utilization