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We at Air Crew Expert Services are a dedicated group that is focused on helping experienced Expat pilots, team up with industry leading airlines in China.  Our goal is to provide all qualified pilots with jobs that are economically and culturally satisfying in the dynamic world of Chinese Aviation.  No other aviation industry is developing as quickly as the one in China.  We welcome You to come join us and take part of this once in a lifetime opportunity to fly in China's friendly skies.  


Expert Service

      We at Air Crew Expert Services look forward helping you along your entire journey in working and living in China.  Living abroad in a foreign country can be a culturally and socially enriching experience for you and your whole family.  We do not only want to provide you with a job opportunity within China.  Our goal is for you to adjust to your new living environment as stress free as possible.   Upon arrival to your initial interview, we will provide each individual pilot with a welcome package for the city you will be based in.  Included in this package will be a detailed introduction to all services dedicated to help Expats become familiar with their new home.  We will personally introduce and assist you to to all of the following.  


  1. Safety is always number one:
  • Our team of experts will make sure you know all emergency and medical facilities in your area.  
  • We will provide all information to all facilities that cater to Expats and provide service in English.
  • Maps, phone numbers, and actual pictures to these facilities will be detailed in your welcome package


      2.  Communication is Key

  • We will introduce you to the various phone service providers in China and give you their detailed data plans to choose from.  
  • Our agents will assist you in the process of setting up your phone account and instruct you how to efficiently pay their bills and tips on how to save money with each plan.
  • There will be situations where you will need help with translation in order to gets tasks done. We will make sure you have our local agents contact info for such issues and an emergency after hours contact as well.  


      3.  Banking 

  • We will introduce you to and help you open your personal bank account. 
  • Foreign banks that we introduce you to will help you in receiving company salary and exchanging in foreign currencies.


     4.  Housing

  • We will introduce you to and give you knowledge of appropriate Expat living communities.
  • We will help you in finding a home/apartment to rent that suits you needs.
  • We will make sure that you find and rent your apartment through a trustworthy agent who can inform you of rules and regulations that protect you as a renter.   
  • We will advise you of various pricing of homes/apartments for the surrounding communities and make sure you will be able to secure rental agreements at a reasonable rate.  
  • Our agents will teach you how and where to set up all utilities, home internet, T.V. and how to pay all of your bills.


      5.  Transportation

  • China is has very modern and convenient public transportation system.
  • We will educate you and your family in various forms and routes to take for daily life. (subways, taxi's, busses, biking & hiking trails)
  • We will also give you tips on which forms to avoid due to congestion due to peak times.  
  • We can help you to obtain public transportation cards that access the various modes of transport.  


      6.  Shopping, Restaurants and Entertainment

  • Expats come to China from countries all over the world with various likes and tastes.
  • We will provide you with detailed guides of clean and appropriate shopping facilities that appeal to Expats.  


     7. Visas 

  • You and your family members will require visas to stay and live in china.
  • You will be provided with help by us in order to easily facilitate and streamline the process for you.


      8.  Working environment

  • Your job will be in a environment that different culture and different way of communication. 
  • The main task of ours is to be your liaison between you and the Airline.  
  • It is important that we make sure that you are treated well and fairly by Airline management and its employees.
  • We will help you if any situation were to arise that is deemed uncomfortable or unfair.
  • We will bring up any issues to the Airline management and make sure there is suitable and just outcome.  


     From our personal experience in knowing and dealing with foreign pilots and Expats, we know there is an initial excitement of being immersed into a new land and culture.  There is a tendency of that initial excitement to fade in dealing with day to day tasks that seem cumbersome and challenging.  Our goal is simple.  We wish to help you to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to keep that excitement alive throughout your entire stay in China.  We will provide group seminars for basic introduction to life in china and  what to expect when you first come in for your interview.  We will further provide such sessions for your families when they come into China to reside.  We just want you to know that we will be there every step of the way and always lend a helping hand.  

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