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Founded in 1959, IASCO sets the standard for global crew leasing, management, and ab initio training. As the world’s oldest and most respected independent crew leasing company, IASCO has earned its solid reputation for expertly providing and managing the highest-caliber crewmembers for a broad spectrum of aviation companies. In addition, IASCO has operated top-flight ab initio training programs for the last 39 years. These programs combine impeccable safety records with programs that graduate exceptionally well-trained pilots who can effectively meet the growing needs of aircraft operators.


Crew Leasing and Management 
For 50 years, IASCO has supplied leased crewmembers to more than 50 companies in the aviation industry. IASCO-GLOBAL attracts, hires, and places its outstanding crewmembers by drawing on a database of more than 2,000 interested recruits. Our recruiting staff, which includes licensed and active commercial pilots, is experienced in screening and interviewing applicants both independently and in conjunction with our customers. Interviews, background screening, and simulator checks are all included in the highly selective application process.

Once IASCO-GLOBAL successfully places crewmembers with an airline customer, we also provide custom full-service crew management services, based on your specific customer needs. IASCO-GLOBAL’s skilled flight crew administration and human resources professionals can administer relocation, payroll, benefits, travel, and employee relations services, allowing you to focus on the operational aspects of your business. Learn more about IASCO-GLOBAL's leasing program on our website orcontact us directly for information.



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