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One of the largest specialist aviation recruitment companies in the world, and since 1985, Rishworth Aviation is proud to have served more than 100 clients in over 40 countries. Our database of 90,000 aviation professionals from over 150 countries, expands by 8,000 new candidates every year. 

With offices in Auckland, Stockholm, and local representation across China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and England, we have an experienced and highly qualified team selected to deliver outstanding service.  

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Our can-do attitude and responsive approach gives us a leading edge in aviation recruitment and crew leasing. We create mutually beneficial partnerships between our client airlines and crew, ensuring success for all parties.

Personal Approach to Aviation Recruitment & Crew Leasing

We are about people. People in business and people in partnership. We succeed in aviation recruitment through engaging outstanding individuals with a strong team spirit. Dependable, solid, experienced and trustworthy - we deliver. 

Combining our knowledge, vision, flexibility and responsiveness, Rishworth Aviation is seen as a stand-out choice in a changing world of aviation recruitment and personnel leasing. Today we are at the forefront of the global crew leasing market and have an established reputation built on trust, dependability, respect and innovation. 

Performing to the highest standard, we build long-term relationships with our clients to source, select and recruit either on a leasing basis or placement, qualified and professional flight and maintenance crew. We provide experienced captains, first officer and instructors on a range of fleets and across a large range of airlines.

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