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Presentation Small Planet Airlines

Small Planet Airlines is a European leisure carrier that believes in bringing change, quality and a bit of fun in the airlines business

Four reasons why us

We don't think you have seen a charter airline company like ours. There are many big and small reasons why you should choose us but if we have only 4 things to say, these are:

Best Price For European Quality

How do we do it? It is a mix of few components:

  • Our fleet is optimized for lowest cost and highest reliability
  • Our operations are centralized in Lithuania that is one of the most cost effective European places to run an aviation company

Track Record You Can Rely On

Flying is not good if one flies not on time or does not have their airline for the next flight around.

We boast over 99% dispatch reliability track-record. Facts and figures that should make anyone sure there’ll be no trouble flying.
Real Flexible Partner

Everyone says “flexible” and “partner” but who really does that? When we say it, we mean it.

We have helped our partners number of times to  to market conditions by quickly adding additional capacity and being reasonable on flight cancellations.

We have earned their trust by being fast, responsive and always straightforward.

Passionate Customer Service

Charter airlines are not exactly famous for great passenger service. After all, they sell their services on the lowest price to package holiday companies, and travelers have weaned off to expect anything but to be transported from point A to point B.

It is different with Small Planet Airlines. We make sure holidays start on board of our flights.

Staff are specially selected and fully undergone a carefully designed training program to make sure everyone feels cozy and there is bit of fun on the flight.

And then we walk the extra mile to make a nice surprise such as welcome sweets, plaids & pillows, press,  great food or pleasant gifts in our Sky Shop.

We pay special attention to the children and have prepared coloring books, toys and special children's drinks and food menu for the small ones to make their trip more fun.

It is a fresh experience to be in our flight.

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