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  • Company : Optimus Executive Search Solutions
  • Salary : Up to $10,000 / €10,000
  • Department :
  • Region :
  • Country : Philippines
  • Profile(s) of position(s) :
  • Education : Bachelor
  • Experience : 5-10 Years
  • Type of contract : Permanent
  • Software(s) use :
  • Trades :
  • Experience in the public service : Yes
  • Language(s) :
  • International Experience :
  • Trade practiced during the current year : Yes


Job Overview:

  • Manages the overhaul repair, modification, fabrication, testing of ground support equipment and vehicle engine and transmissions.

  • Monitors the performance of minor, major and preventive maintenance of aircraft ground support equipment and vehicles’ electrical and electronic components and sub-component accessories, test instruments and equipment.

  • Monitors the performance of major and minor maintenance/repairs of all critical and non-critical aircraft ground support equipment and vehicles of the company in the main hub and outlying stations.               

  • Initiates the inspection of newly acquired ground support equipment, motorized vehicles, and shop and test equipment to ensure conformity with specifications.

  • Analyses and provides technical data to aid the department in evaluating new types of equipment and vehicle considered for evaluation.          

  • Administers and assists in the review of completeness of requisites for the issuance of Cebu Pacific Operators Permit in order to control the use and preclude unauthorized use of the company's equipment and vehicles.

  • Approves overtime work, application of fringe benefits of personnel; and withdrawal of stocks; and performs other administrative matter concerning the division.

  • Enforces the highest standards of discipline of his personnel while maintaining the interpersonal relationship and morale of his people towards the accomplishment of their function.                      

  • Forecasts the workload to efficiently plan the accomplishment of all maintenance and repair activities on company ground support equipment and vehicles annually.

  • Develops and enhances aircraft ground support equipment and vehicle maintenance program taking into consideration the fleet size, age, reliability and operational requirements.

  • Plans and initiates the acquisitions of equipment, tools and facilities of the section to effectively carry-out all aspects of maintenance and repair of ground support equipment and vehicles.                

  • Develops, coordinates and implements company safety, housekeeping and occupational health programs.



  • Bachelors/College Degree in Mechanical or Electrical/Electronics course.

  • At least 5 years’ experience in GSE Maintenance.

  • Should be knowledgeable and well experienced with the basic trouble shooting and maintenance of most Ground Support Equipment.


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